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Art by Leana Pace - About the Artist


I am Leana Pace. I was born and raised in Ukraine. Currently live in Birdsboro, PA, USA. 

Since I was a child, I had a passion for drawing. However, my main career happened to be in IT, where I work full time. And even though I have been drawing and painting on and off throughout my whole life, the biggest shift in dedicating my free time to art making happened during 2020 quarantine. It was truly an enlightening period in my life. With all the distractions of our fast paced world put on pause, I was able to tune into my inner self and realize how strong my passion for art was. 

Since then I tried different mediums (pastel, acrylic, oils, ink, charcoal), took various classes (Color Theory, Color and Light, Composition, etc.), painted different subjects (still life, landscape, people/animal portraits, etc.). Just recently I discovered for myself a world of watercolor. 

I hope you enjoy my work."