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Pillow Inserts - Pillow Forms - Polyester Pillow Insert - Hypoallergenic Pillow Inserts

Pillow Inserts - Pillow Forms - Polyester Pillow Insert - Hypoallergenic Pillow Inserts

  • $ 800

Note: Please order inserts in the same size as the covers that you purchase from us. We make sure that a cover fits an insert in a way that creates a full and beautiful look.

  1. Non-Woven - traditional premium poly fiber fill material composes this well-made pillow form. This type of insert is certain to fill your pillow covers to the corners with ease, and will hold the original shape after lots of use. It can be used outdoors with an outdoor case or cover.
  2. Poly/Cotton - made from premium poly fiber fill and are defined with a woven-fabric poly/cotton blend outer shell. A good option for those who suffer from allergies and reasonably priced, these pillows remain a popular option for household and commercial use. You can depend on these Poly Cotton pillows for great comfort that promises not to break the bank, and you’ll feel great knowing that your family members and guests are free from the worries of allergies or asthma triggers that can be associated with other pillow batting materials.
  3. Faux Down - These pillow inserts are softer than those made from traditional poly-fill batting. They are made to please those who want all the softness of a real down pillow without the problem of allergies that are often associated with pillows made from feathers and down.

We purchase our pillow inserts from a respectable US manufacturer. All pillow inserts are made in the USA and are of premium quality. Please note that we do not offer real feather down inserts. We feel that synthetic down inserts (aka "Faux Down") is a more humane way to achieve the desired look and feel of a real feather down pillow. Additionally, down alternative pillows are hypoallergenic. And the best part is you will never have a problem of feathers poking through a pillow case.

Choosing the type of insert is a matter of preference. Please use the following guidance:

  • Faux Down fill is made of synthetic or natural fibers, which mimic the luxurious loft of down. And yes, if you like a "karate chop" look, you can have it with a faux down pillow.
  • Faux down pillow will conform to your shape. It offers more softness than support.
  • If you suffer from allergies, all three types of pillows  we offer are an excellent choice.
  • Both Poly/Cotton and Non-Woven pillows are more firm than Faux Down. So if you are looking for more support, Poly/Cotton pillow or a Non-Woven one would be a better choice then faux down.
  • Poly/Cotton and Non-Woven pillows retain their shape better. No need to "plump up".

Pillow inserts will be sent to you individually wrapped. Upon receipt of your order, you will need to take a pillow insert out of its bag and place it into the pillow cover. 

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